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Friday, February 25, 2005

Caught Up

Well I think I have finally caught up on my reading and as you can see this post will probably carry me into Saturday, but I have been busy posting in a good way. I really did miss all my adoring fans, okay all two or three of you, lol. When I got home today I was so exhausted that I ate half my Turkey Sub from Subway and took a nap to catch up on some needed sleep. I at the most got 3 hrs last night and had to start the day watching a General talk and talk for 2hrs and give stripes away to a bunch of noners (military people who jobs are important, but don't help us put bombs on targets). Needless to say I was pissy the rest of the day. Then I had to go through some stupid training in which I had to get dressed up in my chem gear. By 1pm I was really feeling wore down, but the flight kitchen had steaks for lunch and all was forgotten for now. Then around quittin time I was reminded how two face people are.

This one guy in my shop uses his ability to find stuff wrong to get out of work and in the mean time get my coworkers in trouble. See if he got it good enough where the boss doesn't care that he hasn't turned out any equipment all week, that's cool more power to him. However to go and rat out someone who you don't even know did or didn't do it right is just a kick in the nuts. I really could careless for the guy that is now in trouble, but handle it on the lowest level, don't go running around flappin your cum guzzler. Now I had already told a guy I was going to take care of it and it ruined any chance I had to restore piece while ass raping the guy who fucked up for the 100th time this week.

Stuff like this is how I start getting burned out and have to sit back and breath deep, before blowing up like a Korean Scud. See a Korean Scud has no real radar package it's like playing lawn darts on a bigger level. They can launch them in our direction but can only hope in the end that it hits it's target. So when I blow up innocent people usually feel the wrath too.

Well I think I will actually get up early get a fresh hair cut and see what dart boards they carry on base. This is my first weekend that I plan on spending not doing any drinking. I am sure you will hear how it is going throughout.

Music Meme

Well as I was catching up on some blog reading I noticed this on Vic's page so I decided why not so here goes.

Random 10 from my computer:

1. Addis Black Widow - What comes around goes around (Some French pop band that never really made it big but good song)
2. Brad Paisley - Whiskey Lullaby (sad sad song)
3. Brassy - Play some D (She big on Euro MTV)
4. Drowning Pool - Bodies
5. Jimmy Buffett- Cheese Burger in Paradise
6. The Knack - My Sharona
7. Mad Season - I don't know anything (Layne Staley band after Alice in Chains)
8. Missy Elliott - Get ur freak on
9. N.E.R.D - Lap Dance (Pharrell before he got big)
10. Ugly Kid Joe - The cats in the cradle

Amount of Music on your Computer:
5008 songs 21.8GB (I still haven't gotten around to adding my CD so I can burn them) & 212 Music Videos (Which I started doing instead of stealing errr borrowing music)

Last CD you bought: Cross Canadian Rageweed

Last song you listened to before receiving this message: Kelly Clarkson - Since you been gone (I'm watching MTV and well they play her video ever hour)

Five songs that you either play a lot, or mean a lot to you:
1. Deep Blue Something - Breakfast at Tiffany's (Well I got my groove on for the first time when it was playing, Didn't even last the 3minute track,lol)
2. Vanilla Ice - Ice Ice Baby (Never forget Dave, Brady and I back in the Tech School days in Sheppard AFB Witchita Texas)
3. Ryan Adams (Josh and I drinking song, if you never heard it you need to and listen to the words it's great)
4. Eagles - Hotel California (Back in the day listening to 45s on the turn table with my best friend Marlin)
5. Beastie Boys - Brass Monkey (The beat is just crazy and well those bastards didn't play it when I saw them in concert)

I guess from everything I read I am suppose to pass this on, but I am one of those guys who has really no one to pass it on since everyone I know has done it.

Let me start by saying that the tape on my gas mask insert (glass for the gas mask only) is added for effect, but this is my chemical gear that I am always bitching about. Minus of course the awesome gas mask. Ladies if you could enjoy a dork like this than I am your man!!! Posted by Hello

Thursday, February 24, 2005


Well damn it has been like a eternity since I wrote anything or read any blogs, this equals about 4 days in real life. I could give a ton of excuse why I haven't been on, but sleep is the one I am going with. I recently moved to swing shift which is from 4pm-2ish am. This shift is my favorite to work, but so far the schedule hasn't allowed me to get in a groove yet. So I toss and turn all during my sleep time and barely get up to go to PT or work. This makes it so hard to find time to type. Then my schedule gets fucked up even more by having all day appointments so there goes my sleep again. Like I have to be up in like 5hrs and I am here typing this. Go figure!!

Anyways I have started downloading music videos instead of mp3s now which means that I can start my own club in my house. This is what they do in the clubs down town because that is what they do. All I need is to run a cable to my TV from my puter and bang I have it to. The modern times call for modern innovation. I hope to have a big screen TV next year so it will be even better then. I really don't like plasma TVs for you ones who are saying to yourself why a big screen, they are to much and I think the quality is just as good on a 60 in TV. Can you imagine porn on that thing, all I can say is OMG. Stay away from anything with titles like long dong silver and such, lol.

Well I have decided to quit drinking. Not because the normal it's bad for me, I am an alcoholic, or I do stupid stuff when I am drunk. My excuse is that I spent $300 in two days. Yes I had fun and I played ass load of darts. I just can't afford that kinda money every weekend and still pay off my past bills. I have been very successful in saving money and paying off my old married bills and well if I ever want to be rich I have to stay on track. So back to drinkin beer in my room and soon I will have my own dart board in here to. Then I will have no real reason to go down town. Call me old fashion but money in the bank is money best not spent in one place.

Monday, February 21, 2005

To Be or Not To Be

Well to be or not to be is the question here in Korea? The answer is drunken fool. Myself I am what you call a calm and collective drunk. Not much bothers me I don't get to stupid but have fun. My friend Mike is a drunken fool and he blacks out. Well my other friends Ally and Adam....More Ally than Adam because she hot. I might have pissed her off by bringing Mike over, but in the end she knows that I am a great guy. My friends talk to much and I like to get drunk , what else can she expect. Okay she and Mike might not remember this night fully, but no matter how drunk I am I always do.

Anyways, tonight I played the worse darts of my life and got asked by two different people to play on their teams next dart season. The next season starts in like Mar or Apr. Since I will be here until Jan 06 then I will be able to play hopefully. Truly I have started playin again and I am not that bad already. Not to the point I want to be yet, but I will work hard at it until I am.

I wish everyone knew how many times I had to retype stuff on here, I am really how to put this softly. FUCKED UP!!! Till next time tschusse all.

Saturday, February 19, 2005


Okay so I have been out on the town. I think a week of bullshit merits me havin some fun. Tonight I played it off but damn I am getting really good at darts. Even when I am drunk I am playing awesome. I mean I have always considered myself good I did close cricket out once with 11 darts when the best possible is 9, but I haven't played for over a year. My boy Mike and me won 2 straight and if we hadn't missed bulls 3 straight turns would have won the 3rd. I kinda helped us more than him, but he is alright too.

Anyways me and Mike are going to do the same startin early tomorrow since we have Monday off woohoo. I can not wait. If I post please put your PG-13 glasses on so you don't read my real vulgar lines, lol.

Friday, February 18, 2005

Biggest Check!

Well for the people who know me well enough, they know I used to play street hockey for years and love the sport of hockey. Having lived in the North Eastern part of the United States made it easy to follow. Plus having the Madison Square Garden channel helped in following my beloved NY Rangers (specially in '94 when they took it all). So after hearing that the season had been cancelled I was sorta in the blues and no reference to St. Louis here. It seems that the players in sport have corrupted all aspects of games. Trust me if I could play any sport at a pro player level, I would expect to get paid, but what is the difference once your over a million dollars in salary. If you worry more about the pay check then the game why play, wasn't it the love that made you strive to play and practice to make the pro's. I mean the players union doomed the hockey season. Yet they are the ones that speak out how's it's all Bettmans fault for the season when they couldn't agree on a team spending 6 million less on payrolls a year.

I agree that hockey can't afford the salaries that other sports do, the fan base in the USA is not as good as in Canada and well it makes it hard on the owners to keep things running. My example is Buffalo. Great hockey and football town, but ticket prices has been driven so high that they can not keep the seats full and pay players. The past few years they have been bankrupt and as it looks that they will move the team, that's if the league makes it after this cancellation.

Now another point I wan to make about the players is that they will never look in the mirror and see their true evil. They bitch how they lose out on there season and all hey want to do is play, then why didn't a deal get done? Because in the end they are like all other athletes egotistical scum who want to live a over paid over spent life and it makes me sick. I feel bad for the players like Mark Messier who most likely will not get to retire after his last season with the recognition he deserves because well this ones over. I guess I will just start following minor league hockey at least those guys play with heart and for the love of the game. With the hope of getting a glimpse of one NHL game.

Okay this is my one and done hockey rant.

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Tick - Tock

As the hands on the clock spin round and round I realize that I never have enough time during weeks like this hopefully by the time I come in tomorrow this will all be done. Although I know I have to still work a long Friday for the normal asshole reasons. I am just about to lace my boots up and stuff my butt in this uniform. I just wish I had time to give a proper post, but of course I don't and the military has blocked all blogs on government puter. Go figure it isn't military enough, and is fun, so it has to be forbidden.

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Missing Post

Well seems that I missed my chance at a Valentines Day post. Maybe because this special Hallmark Holiday really is just another day in my book. It's not that I am single or that I am depressed about it, I just think it's stupid. Why should I go out and waste a bunch of money on all these expensive thrills for the opposite sex that never last. They should call it lust day. Oh and that saying it's the thought that counts can suck it to. When was the last time flowers and chocolates got me laid....That's right never!

Okay the reason I missed it, well I worked 13hrs on Sunday-Monday morning. So when I got home I went straight to bed. Well just about the time I got back up for my next shift I was to tired to care, got dressed and went back to work. I do have to say my internet friends came out in full force and I did appreciate all the mail when I got home this morning from work.

Well next time I get on here Valentines has made me think about, writing my theory about dating and hookers. God I hope I shake this sleepy bug before work.